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Toddler Swimming

Toddler SwimmingOur toddler swimmers enjoy fun yet structured lessons that encourage confidence in the water and introduce and develop the basic skills and techniques to start swimming independently. Through the use of games, toys and songs, toddler swimmers soon learn to follow simple instructions from both the parent and also the teacher. We follow the ASA Ducklings Award syllabus, which is specifically tailored to this age group of swimmers.

Toddler swimming lessons are taught every week throughout the year (except for Christmas), and you can start lessons at any time. Children in these classes are approximately 18-36 months old and you do not need to have completed baby courses with us to join the toddler courses. We aim for our toddlers to swim regularly, as learning to swim takes lots of practice like learning to run or to ride a bike! To achieve this, we will always try our best to offer you a replacement lesson if you are unable to attend your normal class.

Toddler SwimmingOur pool is particularly well appointed for toddlers, as the water is clear and water, yet it is deeper than most toddler pools, so they have to swim rather than put their feet on the bottom of the pool.

A parent needs to be in the water with their toddler whilst in these classes. As the toddlers’ independence and water skills develop, our teachers carefully manage the transition from swimming with parents to swimming solo. Once they are happily swimming solo, toddlers will progress into our pre-school class.

Click here to go to our timetable and see when our toddler courses are running.


If you are not sure how your toddler will take to swimming lessons, why not come for a free trial session first. Providing there is space in your preferred toddler class, you can bring your child along to see how they get on before signing up to weekly lessons. There is no charge for trials so please call 01527 821978 to book a trial session.


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